Web Development Challenge – putting the pieces together Step by step by git

Here are the stages that I’ll use to implement the Web Development Challenge.

To start,  git clone https://github.com/guy-roberts/code-challenge/ and then checkout one of these tagged versions;

  • git checkout v0.1 – Basic Rails API without Angular front end or indeed any models and controllers
  • git checkout v0.2 – Rails app with a complete API, models, controllers and test specifications
  • git checkout v0.3 – Authentication on the server side
  • git checkout v0.4 – Angular working. Article and Comment CRUD, creates subscription records.
  • To do;
  • Add an ActionMailer or async dispatcher for when articles change
  • Add an Angular directive to handle Markdown in article body – rails will just pass text about.
Guy Roberts

About Guy Roberts

A freelance developer who conjures up Software as a Service using Angular JS, SQL, Ruby on Rails and Java. Runner, dad and glider pilot.